Get rid of excel & use our Session Planning Tool to manage your Event

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Get rid of excel & use our Session Planning Tool to manage your Event

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  • Posted 02.02.2018

Alan Perlis explained through her quote,”In software systems it is often the early bird that makes the worm.” This is cent percent true in the world where technology has subjugated us all. Technology has been considered as a benediction to humanity as it has helped in a lot number of ways to cut down their labour, physical and mental fatigue and immense amount of money and time, to get a particular work done within just a blink of an eye. EventRoller can be visualised as one of the assets of technology, which has assisted a lot in organizing and managing events, in an impeccable manner.

Earlier, it was envisaged as a hideous and laborious task, which often proves to be difficult for the organizers to keep a check on all sorts of activities and sessions, taking place in an event. In this hustle and bustle, there is high probability that mistakes would occur. On-site check in, personalized websites, creating a magnetizing effect on the sponsors, managing sessions, marketing tools etc., all this can be accomplished in a truly simplistic and facile manner, with the help of this multi-tasking software, EventRoller. In plain English, one can undeniably say that this software is also an Event registration software.

Generally, when an event is organized, it consists of numerous activities taking place simultaneously. Multiple speakers in different number of rooms, different sessions, and innumerable activities going on at the same time. The problem arises when the organizer gets entangled in the complexity of this situation and feels incompetent to interact and keep in consideration, the effective working of all of these.

For this purpose, EventRoller has come to your aid and guidance. With the help of this efficient software, various events can be easily divided into different sessions, so that the entire process of management and organization of an event, can be easily handled and comprehended, to ensure that the organization of the event is fruitful. In absence of this, the organizers would have to maintain an excel sheet, which would prove to be a troublesome task. Therefore, now with the support of session planning tool in EventRoller, it is far too easy to manage an event in a manner successful.

Apart from merely managing sessions, it is equally indispensable to keep a track of the sponsors who are willing to showcase their visibility in your event. There can be various sponsors as organizations and individuals, with varying degrees of authority, over the event. It may prove to be problematic to maintain a check over each one of them. Therefore, this software, helps in dealing with this trouble too, by creating their different categories and defining their levels of control.

Generally, it is said, “all things are difficult before they become easy.” Now, the ease and efficiency is at your doorstep with EventRoller software. For proving it to be a trustworthy and effective software, it includes the valuable feedbacks of the leading and successful event management organizers. Therefore, it is beyond shadow of any doubt, a triumph in organizing any event truly successful and beneficial for you as a well-organized and managed event only entices the attention of the sponsors. What makes it reliable is the deployment of a cloud based platform which is responsible for automating the entire process of event planning and management system.

Apart from the features for managing sessions and sponsors, there is also a room given in this software for managing the speakers. This has been done for the benefits of the users so that they would be able to enroll themselves according to their domain of interests. This is simply done by making the users accessible to information regarding all the speakers, which comprises of their biography, photograph and even contact information, so that the attendees may gather a fair idea, whom they are going to listen at the event and whether it is of any interest to them or not.

Moreover, it has been estimated that Software-as-a-service and cloud-based services will expand from 11% of enterprise application spending in 2010 to 16% in 2015. Coherently, this is an evidence of the fact that the reliance of the enterprises on the cloud based services has been augmenting and this growing popularity is a reason why we endeavor with all our zeal to develop different softwares which would prove to be advantageous to the enterprises and simplistic for the users. This event registration software is one such software application which helps in registration of attendees online and automates the workflow of the event management process and making tasks of reporting, marking attendance, enterprise level meetings, simplistic and easy to accomplish.

It would be interesting to note that for all the leading mobile platforms, mobile apps are also now available, because of which it would become viable for all the attendees to interact with each other during the conference by simply downloading the apps on their smart phones. From all that is described above, it is evident that EventRoller is not merely a software but a true IT partner for your event which helps in fulfilling all the IT requirements. A proper training would be provided to your staff for uploading all the event related information on the software and an assurance is offered that you would not have to boggle up your mind for organizing an event because it would be done for you, by us, with due proficiency. A perfect solution is readily available for all your event management related queries.

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