Sunil Goyal comes with over a decade of experience in asset management and education vertical. He established his first technology company in 2006 called MetaDesign Solutions which is now a leading software technology provider with a global customer footprint and 2 Development Centers in India (Gurgaon and Dehradun). In Year 2012 Mr. Sunil established a Medical Diagnostic and Research Organization called In Year 2013 he acquired a Holland Based Gaming Company called to enter Gaming Industry. PaintBallGame has more than 20,000 Online players playing the game.

Sunil is responsible for EventRoller's financial operations, investor and stakeholder relations. Mr. Sunil has over 22 years of experience across the financial services and IT & software industries. EventRoller has benefited from Mr. Sunil's leadership, technological insight and expertise. Mr. Sunil holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering.

Mr. Sunil Goyal also has philanthropic interests centered around the goals of education and social service. He is the founder of IndianByBlood Social Organization which works for social welfare. Through his organization he has sponsored educations for multiple children, setup free medical camps, helped poor with basic amenities and raised voice against corruption.